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San Diego Courthouse Elopement - The Guild Hotel: by San Diego Wedding Photographer

Looking for elopement inspiration? Check out Taleen and Adrian’s intimate wedding celebration that consisted of the two of them, a courthouse officiant, and, of course, me and my camera.

These two chose a Tuesday afternoon on their 10th anniversary to say their vows — and they kept it private from their friends and family until they announced it a few weeks later at a family party.

Picture this: a sunny San Diego afternoon, a bright red Porsche, and a waterfront sunset. What could be better than that?! They received lots of waves and cars honking as we took (probably) a million photos of them with the gorgeous sports car.

We wrapped up their elopement at the infamous Guild Hotel, which is a Pinterest DREAM for all of you upcoming newlyweds. We ran around the gorgeous hotel hallways, went up and down the elevator, hung out in the hotel bar, and cut cake in their hotel room. This whole day was filled with genuine laughter, unplanned moments, and the capturing of incredible love between two amazing people.

If you’re looking for a wedding celebration that will be low-key, easy to plan, and better yet — easy to enjoy — consider eloping with just the two of you. I promise you won’t regret it!

Locations include: Downtown San Diego courthouse, downtown San Diego waterfront, The Guild Hotel. Photographs by San Diego Wedding Photographer: KH Film Photography

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